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TikTok Creator, 
EducatorSocial Activist, Journalist. 

Perspectives on U.S. Politics, Queer Issues, Feminism, and Current Events.


This is me

I'm a grad student of American Studies in Germany with a B.A. in history and English, freelance journalists and educator. My main fields of research are intersectional representation, Gender Studies, and U.S. politics. I bring these perspectives to my TikTok content, workshops, and speaking events, providing an outsider's perspective on history and current events in the United States.

Education  Preventative Work 
Social Activism 

 Journalism   Social Media

Speaking Engagements    Workshops 

Content Creation

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Interviews, Lectures, Workshops. Let's find a format that works for you.

Hearing an outsider's point of view and learning not only from one's history, but from that of others, is crucial to making well-informed decisions about the future. This is what I am here to provide.

Together, we will find a format that works best for you and the audience you are trying to reach. 

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